Beard Shaving Apron

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Eliminate the greatest drawback of shaving and trimming at home with this leading-edge Beard Shaving Apron! Giving you the ease of shaving at home with the luxury of a mess-free experience, this is certainly the best of both worlds.

Manufactured with soft, premium quality polyester pongee, this bib is waterproof and super easy to clean. Easily dispose of cut hair, leaving a clean sink and countertop with no chance of clogging drains. Messy sinks after shaving are a problem no more!

This Beard Shaving Apron makes it easier to maintain your beard and keep mess to a minimum in your home. Just choose your preferred color and enjoy a barbershop experience right in the comfort of your home!


• Made of High-Quality Polyester Pongee

• Waterproof and Easy to Clean

• Leaves No Mess in The Sink

• Prevents Clogged Drains

• Easy to Use

• Available in White & Black