Advanced Beard Maintenance Kit

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Beard grooming is an art and the perfect tools are stacked up in this ultimate 7-
in-1 Grooming Kit, guaranteed to give you that dream beard!

Featuring a mini set of barber store supply, this is the perfect combination to
achieve a thicker, fuller, healthier-looking beard. From trimming to washing
and moisturizing, this is the secret for taming the wild mustache or keeping
stray facial hairs in check.

Skin-friendly, non-toxic and safe, whether you prefer using a comb or brush,
this set offers you an even better trimming routine that can speed up beard
growth. It’s the perfect go-to for a weekend self-care routine. Whether it’s
Mustache Monday or Beard Wash Wednesday, it’s always time to focus on
yourself! Define your beard taste in all styles.

• Includes a 7-piece Set of Beard Grooming Essentials:
▪ 100ml Beard Wash Shampoo
▪ 100ml Beard Conditioner
▪ 60ml Beard Growth Oil
▪ 60g Beard Balm
▪ Bristles Beard Brush
▪ Stainless Steel Scissors
▪ Wood Beard Comb
• 100% Natural, No Chemicals
• Infused with Beard Nourishing Ingredients

Natural And Organic Plant Ingredients
This beard care set is formulated with natural plant extracts to effectively nourish your beard.
  • Grape Seed oil
  • Rosemary Leaf oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Ginger Root oil

Easy To Use

Best Gift for Beard Men