Men's Beard Filler Kit
Men's Beard Filler Kit
Men's Beard Filler Kit
Men's Beard Filler Kit

Men's Beard Filler Kit

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Life's too short for a dull beard! Get a richer, darker, more prominent beard worthy of envy with this beard filler pen kit and take away the frustration of unpleasant and time-consuming permanent coloring sessions at the salon.

Infusing instant vibrance into your beard, this unique pen enhances your beard's brightness evenly and to the roots by filling in areas of thinness and incomplete coverage. 100% safe and skin-friendly, it does not irritate the skin when applied. Rather, it helps repair, protect, strengthen and nourish your beard while keeping patches and faded beards at bay!

With a quick and easy application using the included custom grip comb and brush, this revolutionary beard filler set gives you a perfectly toned and even mane to be proud of.

Perfect as a gift to any #BeardGang member you know, or to a parent or friend, this thoughtful present helps restore any beard to its previous glory. Recapture your eminence!



• Even and Long-Lasting Shade

• Easy Application with Included Comb & Brush

• Instant Results

• Safe For All Hair Types

• Strengthening and Nourishing Formulation

• Ideal For Barbers and Beard Growers